PCB Component Placement Webinar

David Haboud
|  Created: April 27, 2020  |  Updated: April 12, 2021

Proper component placement is one of the most important aspects of PCB design. You need to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for placing components on a printed circuit board and how they affect the other aspects of your design process (MCAD enclosures, production, signal integrity). Join us in this webinar as we explore the tools in Altium Designer designed to help you perform the perfect layout.

Learn how Altium Designer can simplify component placement while ensuring electrophysical parameters, mitigate mistakes, and speed up the overall electro-mechanical design process:

  • Component Placement Requirements
  • Mechanical Requirements
  • Defining Keepout Zones
  • Preliminary Components Placement
  • Placement of components taking into account the Assembly Production, Signal Integrity, and Power Supply Requirements

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About Author

About Author

David Haboud is a Product Marketing Engineer at Altium. He studied electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer architecture and hardware/software design at the University of Southern California. David began his career as an embedded software engineer in the aerospace industry and has always strived to make it easier for hardware and software engineers to communicate. During his tenure as an embedded software engineer, he focused on firmware development and data acquisition for auxiliary power units. In his spare time, David hosts and performs in improvisational and stand-up comedy nights in San Diego, California.

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