Level Up Your Design Skills - Altium Designer Getting Started User Guide

David Haboud
|  Created: April 27, 2020  |  Updated: July 17, 2020
Altium Designer Getting Started User Guide

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of the new Altium Designer Getting Started User Guide. Whether you are new to Altium Designer or you want to brush up on some topics, the Altium Designer Getting Started User Guide will take you from a beginner to a master in PCB design. 

This is only the beginning! This guide will be updated with new information based on user feedback. Let’s first go over the contents of the guide.

Guide Contents

Art of Schematic - 12 Steps to Master

Learn how to create a complete functional schematic and interact with it within the scope of the project.

Create Your Own PCB - 22 Steps to Master

Explore the professional process of creating a complex printed circuit board from scratch to a full-fledged working device using modern Altium tools sets.

Files for Manufacture - 5 Steps to Master

Export all required file sets for board manufacturing and assembly of the end device by using the OutJob file.

Library Management - 2 Steps to Master

Discover the manual and automatic approach to creating component symbols and footprints of various complexity with the addition of the created components to the library.

Drawing Creation Using Draftsman - Coming Soon


Key Areas

Each section of the guide has some key areas to note:

Top Dashboard

  1. Play Button: View video associated with the written guide.

Play Button

  1. Chapter Title and Status: View the chapter title and see if you have completed the chapter. You can indicate if you found the content useful by selecting the thumbs up button. Indicate completed chapters at the end of the chapter (shown later in this post).


Chapter Title and Status

  1. Chapter Completion Status: See how many chapters you have completed in the section and navigate to the next chapter.

Chapter Completion Status


Sharing is Caring

Did you find a chapter particularly useful? You can share any chapter on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Mission Accomplished

Once you’ve finished the chapter, you can mark it as completed with the checkbox or read it again by clicking the arrow. This is an important step to keep proper tracking of completed content and will be important for future updates. (Hint: think badges and achievements)

Complete Chapters

Lastly, leave some feedback on the chapter to help improve future material. If you didn’t find the material useful, you can leave a detailed comment with your email so we can get back to you for more information. 


Leave Feedback


That’s all I have to cover for today. We hope that this content will provide useful information for beginners and masters alike.

Get Started Now! 

Best Wishes,

David Haboud

About Author

About Author

David Haboud is a Product Marketing Engineer at Altium. He studied electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer architecture and hardware/software design at the University of Southern California. David began his career as an embedded software engineer in the aerospace industry and has always strived to make it easier for hardware and software engineers to communicate. During his tenure as an embedded software engineer, he focused on firmware development and data acquisition for auxiliary power units. In his spare time, David hosts and performs in improvisational and stand-up comedy nights in San Diego, California.

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